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U tube heat exchanger

we can build "U" tube bundles, straight tube "floating" tube bundles, or we can retube fixed tubesheet heat exchangers when the bundles is not removable and multitherm is not locked into any one material. Some bundles tend to be build with copper tubes and steel tubesheets. Heat-exchanger system consisting of a bundle of U tubes surrounded by a shell (outer vessel), one fluid flows through the tubes, and the other fluid flows through the shell, around tubes.Multitherm can duplicate any existing bundle to include dimensions, materials and performance.

Two and four pass designs are common because the fluid can enter and exit on the same side. This makes construction much simpler.There are often baffles directing flow through the shell side so the fluid does not take a short cut through the shell side leaving ineffective low flow volumes. These are generally attached to the tube bundle rather than the shell in order that the bundle is still removable for maintenance. Counter current heat exchangers are most efficient and they allow the highest log mean temperature difference between the hot and cold streams.

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