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plate type heat exchanger

Plate Heat Exchanger comprises of corrugated thin Titanium or SS plates which are sealed by integrally fitted gaskets. These gaskets act as reliable seals between the plates nd create alternative flow channels where hot fluid circulates on one side and cold fluid on the other hence maximizing the heat transfer surface.

The plates are held together in compression by long threaded studs on the outside of the tube bundle that pass through the end covers to which they are fixed by using spring washers and nuts. There are also plate carriers fitted to the top of the bundles that align the plates at assembly of the tube bundles.

Plate heat exchangers transfer heat more efficiently due to the intricate plate design. They are very efficient, light and compact and can be easily dismantled for maintenance.

We can offer a wide range of standard heat exchanges of varied heat transfer area to meet the individual needs. The customer will have to provide us details such as fluid mediums to be heated and cooled, temperature and pressure range etc. This will help us to determine the size, number, material, chevron angle of plates and material of gaskets and other important characterstics which will further help us to provide the most suitable heat exchanger for the given application.

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